WOOD / GRAIN is a performance-based album that combines primitive means of sound generation with modern sampling and sequencing technology. The main focus is on the timbral quality that is conducted through a wooden soundboard. By utilizing high-speed sequencing and live sampling, the wood tones and scratches are digitally transformed into evolving textural compositions. 

Tracks 1-6 and 8 are excerpts from a performance at Putte's, Helsinki 7.11.2014 . Track 7 is excerpt from a performance at Third Space gallery, Helsinki 30.10.2014.

released January 18, 2015

Performed and produced by Earkus

Thank you: Samuli Tanner, Rasmus Flinck, Ana Gutieszca, Anton Nikkilä,
Tommi Grönlund and Kästinen Wörkshop

Published by Guggenhavn Archive 2015 GGG-011